Warm Up to the 2024 Colormix Forecast

Some of these pay homage to the summer movie hits Barbie and Oppenheimer, aka Barbenheimer.

But no matter how you describe them, paint masters Sherwin-Williams have recently released their 2024 Colormix Forecast palettes that include high-contrast Barbie pinks, moody blacks, and forest tones.

Here are the four Colormix palettes:

Red, Berry, and Pink: this one has more than a nod to nostalgia, especially as red hasn't been a standout since the 1990s. These warm colors include fizzy magentas and berry-colored purples that are both cheerful and sophisticated.

Barely There Tints: This features airy off-whites, giving everyone a break from stark white, plus soft tints balanced by your choice of undertones. They can be the ideal backdrop for minimalist decor.

Deep, Deep, Darks: If fruit-flavored colors don't suit your mood, you may prefer these anchor colors, although any room can be complimented by sparingly using the darkest hues. This palette includes bottomless blacks, saturated greens, and varying browns.

Blues and Greens: Those who support conservation and climate protection may find this a natural choice. It includes a fusion of blues and greens that run the gamut from gray blues to invigorating teals.

Source: elledecor.com

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