Chic Halloween Decorations

Halloween doesn't have to be styled the same way year after year, and you can even combine spooky with chic autumn accents and create a "Falloween" vibe. Better yet, visit sites like Etsy where hundreds of hand-crafted, original, and even custom-made items are available for sale.

Here are three suggestions to incorporate classic fall and Halloween items with your existing décor.

Posh Pumpkins

While there's nothing wrong with carving a jack-o-lantern for your front porch, your indoor pumpkins can go further. Fabric pumpkins made of velour, burlap, or even velvet can go almost anywhere in your home. You can even go for more glamour with painted ceramic or glass pumpkins.

Classy Craniums

The human skull became stylish when English designer Alexander McQueen began adding them to his couture collections. And while skeletons are always a favorite with trick-or-treaters, you can bring them indoors in all sorts of ways. Go up-market with glassware, garden pots or even a crystal decanter adorned with a stylized skull. Or pick up a few spooky animal skeletons at a big-box retailer.

Lighten Up

You can go gothic and subtly spooky without using dark colors, especially as this also tends to make small areas look smaller. Instead, go light with natural-looking spider webs. You can add all sorts of floating ghosts, made from anything from tissue to fabric. Park or hang a few above a lamp, or move a spotlight underneath them, and bring them to life for the evening.

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