10 Money Saving Gadgets That Pay For Themselves

As a homeowner, sometimes you have to spend a little money to save a lot of green. By investing in a few little upgrades like energy efficient lighting and handy kitchen helpers, you can shave dollars off of your energy and grocery bills. Take a look at this list of smart money saving gadgets and consider which ones you can apply to your home and start saving today.

  1. Save with a Surge Protector—Even if you are really good about turning off electronics when you are using them, you are still using standby power. With a surge protector, you are saving that standby energy on all those electronics.
  2. Light the Way—Forget hassling with wiring, long cords and all night cost for outdoor light; use solar lights to brighten up your front yard using the power of the sun instead.
  3. Knowledge is Power—If you are curious on how much power your electronics are using, try plugging them into a Sava A Watt Phantom Power Indicator and easily see how much wattage it being used.
  4. Hands-off Approach—Turning lights on and off when you are in a room is a great habit but if you aren’t good a it, try purchasing a motion-sensor light so you don’t have to worry about it.
  5. Fresher Foods—Cut down on waste and money spent replacing produce with a Blueapple freshness extender to keep your food fresher, longer.
  6. Money Monitor—To help you identify your high spending habits, try purchasing an energy use monitor to discover how much energy your electronics are using.
  7. Skip Laundry Day—Try waiting until you have a full load of laundry and use a specially formulated “pod” which is only a fraction of the cost of dry cleaning.
  8. Bright Idea—Try a responsive set of Stack light bulbs that have sensors that automatically adjust output to a room’s natural light.
  9. Get Fresh—A bunch of parsley or cilantro can be kept fresh with a herb keeper.
  10. Charged Up - Save money on new packs of batteries for your household electronics, flashlights and remote controls by investing in a battery charger.

 *Courtesy of Bobvila.com